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I live in northwest Indiana, am 60 years old, a wife of one husband for 40 years, mother of two children-a son born of my womb and an adopted daughter born in my heart- grandmother of three of the most precious and beautiful grandchildren in the whole world! But first and foremost I am a Christian who loves the Lord very much. In this season of my life God has ordered my steps to serve Him in several ways beyond my home; as an author, women’s Bible teacher, conference speaker and as co-founder and Executive Director of a not for profit organization, New Hope Outreach, Inc.

The first twenty-one years of my life were not full of good things because I was raised in a very dysfunctional home. Therefore I want to begin by telling you that God has worked overtime in my life to make me a very optimistic, joyful, thankful, trusting and serving woman. I was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1948. The family that God chose to place me in I would never have chosen for myself. My mother and father were not Christians. My mother was a very bitter woman who delighted in doing evil deeds to her husband and children. Her life taught me the reality that bitterness is truly worse than cancer.

I was living in the bay-area of California in 1954 when the end of the Polio epidemic claimed me for a victim and I spent a year on an isolation ward of a county hospital. While growing up I attended a couple of churches as a bus kid and accepted Jesus as my Saviour when I was fourteen years old. When I was twenty-one I met my very handsome husband soon after he returned from Viet Nam. For the first time in my life I felt unconditionally loved and accepted. We were married in 1969. The following year my husband accepted the Lord as His Saviour, we both dedicated our lives to God, and our son was born. Five and a half years later God entrusted us with our daughter by adoption.

My husband moved our family to his home-state of Wisconsin in 1971. Peter loved California but sensed that I desperately needed to get away from my family. I now understand that God needed me to be where He could begin to give to me, “Beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that He might be glorified.” (Isaiah 61:3)

I was twenty-two years old when we settled in Wisconsin. I was a mess and didn’t realize it. So much had transpired in my life that left such scars—both emotional and physical. The Polio epidemic when I was six years old, nine major surgeries later, the loss of my senior year of high school to an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, and my mother’s three attempts to murder me during the year after I graduated from high school, had all left me with an abundance of “ashes, mourning, and heaviness” as well as anger and some bitterness.

I was thirty-four years old when my deteriorated physical condition and unexplainable spiritual and emotional condition dumped me at a crossroad in my life. Everyone who knew me—even my husband—saw me as a person who had all things “together”. Only I knew how miserable I was and stood one autumn night ready to never go back to church unless the Lord showed me why my heart ached so much. That night God held my heart in His hands as He opened a tightly locked room of my heart and helped me to see what I had buried there as a hurting child. That night God set my spirit free and enabled me to fully surrender my life to Him. That night God enabled me to understand that He had not abused me too…rather, He had worked overtime to keep me alive and continually make the “all things” of my life able to glorify Him and help others.

It took a few years to deal with all of the hurt in my life and allow God’s Word to change some wrong thinking about the LORD and me. I had to let God give me Christ-esteem as I learned to love myself in Him and see myself as a Princess in the court of the King of Kings. Berating myself had to become a thing of my past and a lot of false guilt and false shame had to be dealt with and released. At this time I began journal-writing which helped me to heal my heart. This daily exercise has been a continual blessing to my life. When God gave to me my life’s verse all of the pieces of the puzzle of my life seemed to lock in to place: “Behold, I have refined thee, but not with silver; I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction.” (Isaiah 48:10).

Life’s journey has made me ‘better’ not ‘bitter’ and I want to assure everyone that the worst of times can be used to bring positive results for others as lessons learned, wisdom gleaned and opportunities grasped are shared.

God alone directed my path of healing from a childhood of abuse and He alone has ordered my steps to be an author, women’s Bible teacher, international seminar speaker and counselor and a Titus 2 woman/mentor/accountability partner to many, many women over the last 25 years.


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