This site is the work of Sharon and Danni. We originally “met” online in 2001 when we began to work together in a non-profit organization offering help and hope to Christian women. Since then we have become close friends in real life, though we live several states apart.

We are also both survivors of abuse and have worked extensively with women who have experienced abuse. In addition, we have both dealt with, and are dealing with, chronic and life-threatening illness as a result of abuse. In our work with abused women we have observed that our experience is not unique. In fact, it is the rule rather than the exception.

Through the process of our own walk through illness and search for healing, we feel God has taught us much about His heart on the matter and about choosing to be well. This site is a collection of our thoughts and insights on this subject — which we pray will be of benefit to others on this journey.

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  1. I am thankful that the LORD guided me to this web page. I want to share it with my daughter who will be coming home from college to get her health built up. She is very ill. I have to wonder if the reason she projectiled her milk from me (breast feeding) when she was an infant may possibly have had something to do with the stress I experienced in my abusive marriage. Though my pregnancies were good (no sickness), she was breach and therefore was delivered by C-Section. She is very ill with asthma, candida, allergies, her heart stops at times while sleeping, etc. She was molested by her dad at 12 years old. She is a very hard worker. The doctor told her she had better learn to pace herself or she will die young. I pray that she will read this website information about health issues related with abuse. I also have become aware of a particular cleanse that can clean out toxins within the body by drinking warm filtered or distilled water mixed with Grade B maple syrup, fresh lemons, with some cayenne pepper in it. It’s called the Master Cleanse. The webpage is called the rawfoodsite.com. Have you heard of anyone doing this particular cleanse? I ordered some Grade B Maple Syrup from my Uncle back in Vermont today that have won blue ribbons at the State Fairs. Hopefully this can bring some health to me, as well as to her (if she’s willing to try it). Thank you for sharing your testimonies. Lisa Lord in Montana

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